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Age Of Imperialism: New Zealand

New Zealand Sports
Age Of Imperialism: New Zealand
New Zealand Slang
New Zealand Sports
Famous New Zealand People

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New Zealand’s national sport is rugby. However, New Zealanders also participate in a full range of other sporting activities often with considerable success at international level. Sports hold a high profile in our education system and patterns established in early life tend to continue well into adulthood. Most adults actively participate in at least one team or individual sport, and veterans’ teams catering for players 40 years and older are a standard feature of the sporting scene. As with all aspects of New Zealand’s social life, a key feature of this and other sporting activities is their accessibility. Almost 15% of New Zealand families own their own boat, and the number of golf courses per capita is the highest in the world. By international standards, club costs are very low and membership is generally open.


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